Week of May 18th

Kindergarten Program day is Monday!!

“A Happy, Healthy Me!” will be performed for the school at 2:00 p.m. and for family/community at 6:00 p.m. in the Anderson gym.  For the evening performance, kindergarten students need to be in the cafeteria between 5:40 and 5:50 p.m.  Parents, be sure to provide transportation to and from the program.  It will last approximately 25 minutes.

Last full week of school!

All classes will review key music concepts taught this year.  Plan to show what you know!

Glee Club members MUST be present for Glee Club on Friday, May 22nd, in order to participate in singing for the awards assemblies on May 27th.  See Mrs. Morin if you have any questions.


Week of May 11th

May 12th – Field Day

Kindergarten:  Prepare for program.  One more week!!  :-)

First, Second and Third Grades:  Review Dynamics through singing, playing and moving.

Fourth Grade:  Continue Recorder – new songs and Recorder Olympics.

Fifth and Sixth Grades:  Review treble and bass clef lines and spaces.

Week of May 4th

TCAP testing this week, so we will keep it light and interesting!  Good luck to those taking the TCAP!

Kindergarten:  Prepare for program!

First and Second Grades:  Review Tempo.

Third Grade:  Review the Romantic Period in music history.

Fourth Grade:  Continue playing recorder – learn G.

Fifth and Sixth Grades:  Virtual Choir unit.

Week of April 27th

Kindergarten:  Prepare for program!

First Grade:  Explore and review meter in music.

Second Grade:  Define form by describing music sections using letters (AB) or words (verse/chorus).

Third Grade:  Compose a melody using pitches do, mi and sol.

Fourth Grade:  Identify and play notes A and B on a recorder and in a song.

Fifth Grade:  Explore the main melody from two pieces of the Romantic period.

Sixth Grade:  Aurally distinguish between chords and chord progressions in country music.

Week of April 20th

Kindergarten:  Prepare for program!

First Grade:  Review using the four voices in a sol-mi song.

Second Grade:  Reinforce understanding of percussion through listening and playing.

Third Grade:  Compose and perform simple rhythms in a meter of four.

Fourth Grade:  Introduction to the recorder!  We will learn A and B this week.

Fifth Grade:  Review the periods of music history, focus on the Romantic Period.

Sixth Grade:  Continue to explore how strings are used in various music styles.

Week of April 13th

Kindergarten:  Prepare for Spring Program!

First Grade:  Recognize the difference between woodwind and percussion families.

Second Grade:  Reinforce understanding of percussion family through listening and playing.

Third Grade:  Explore the science of sound production and “found sounds”.

Fourth Grade:  Hopefully, we will begin recorders this week!  If not, we will continue to create our original rock song on QGrooves.

Fifth Grade:  Explore the effects of adding harmony to a song.

Sixth Grade:  Review the string family and focus on playing techniques.